Monday, August 13, 2007

What we did on our summer vacation

So, when everyone deserts Dodge, where do we go. To the center of the universe of American culture--New York--to appreciate some of the world's culture, done up 'Merican-style.

I, being Jean, had a list. A list of fun things to do. My children were not impressed. In fact, I think one of them thought it was embarrassing. But I was prepared. Addresses, cross streets, URLs--and maps.

On my must-see list were the 1) Metropolitan Museum of Art--sold as 'go see the swords'--see previous post. 2)The Natural History Museum--to see what we could see. 3) Kinokuniya Bookstore. 4)John's Pizzeria--scoped out on a previous work visit. and 5) Midtown comics. The rest would be winged, wung?

So yes 1--awesome, of course, some grousing; 2)awesome but Mythical Creatures exhibit was, eh?; 3) must-see; 4) good enough for 2 visits and 5)exactly as expected. But of course, the happenstance things were some of the best. Sean in heaven with the Halal stands everywhere, and their cousin Mister Softee stands. Getting some last-minute obstructed views to Spamalot at not-crazy prices (my son did point out that it was roughly the price of Disney World--ever the analyst).

Except for one Starbucks fix on the last morning, we avoided things we could do at home. And my very hard to impress son even admitted to having a good time at Spamalot. Weirdest overheard conversation tidbits:

"Your nipples look so small!!!" -- said as a compliment
"I don't think I understood it, I guess I should have watched the movie"--who pays Broadway ticket prices for a show they know nothing about?

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