Friday, June 22, 2007

Ok, This is the Best Video Ever

Ok, take karate (correction--Kung Fu), cowboys, plasma guns, sexy heroines, mustaches, a unicorn, eagles and and . . . well, a kickass song.

Don't want to spoil it more--but man, oh man--brilliant!

Knights of Cydonia, by Muse

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Homegrown Terrorists Target Kids Who Read

Yea Jean and her fight against stupid people a story she found on the School Library Journal was just posted on a great Blog

See Boing Boing post here

See original Journal Post here

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Rise of the Silver Surfer

I thought this movie was much better than the critics the ending was a bit week but over all I enjoyed it. If you are looking for a remake of the 1967 comic you will be disappointed but Stan Lee's cameo was great.
Over all it was a great way to spend the day with my kids.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Dark Tower

Ok--I don't want to know how much it costs, really, I don't, but price be damned Sean got me the awesomest gift, a mint condition Dark Tower game. Way back in the 1980s, I played this board/electronic game as a teenager and was obsessed with it since then, my Rosebud if you will.

Basically, a way-scaled back version of D&D (playable in a little over an hour) but holding many of the charms without the creepy roleplay aspects. Loveably low-tech by today's standards, but not embarrassing to share with my tech-snob 11 & 14 year old kids.

2 years between posts, Have to work on improving that

I hope this will be a fun place for Jean and my self (Sean) to post rants and any thing we may find interesting, frustrating or completely mundane as the intro points out "guess what I just saw a duck Yes, a duck and a fly"