Friday, August 31, 2007

White Belt

After 2 classes I received my white belt in Tae Kwon Do with much help from my daughter and some of the other kids in the class. While not hard to do, under pressure it was hard to do them correctly and in the right order.Next I will learn my Kicking combination my forms as well as my Breaking technique to earn my Yellow belt most likely 2 months away. Having my daughter at the first two classes has made it much easier and I don't feel like a freak being the only adult. The other kids seem to see me as just a big kid. I guess I kinda am but I bet they don't hurt as much after class.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

First day of Tae Kwon DO

My daughter has been doing TKD for a little over a year and I have wanted to try it but as I have had major knee problems and multiple surgeries so I have held out. After my last surgery I asked my Dr. if he thought it would be OK very quickly he said no problem might be good for me. Well I am still extremely nervous about it but I signed up last night and today is my first class I have no belt I should receive my white belt today during class if I don't kill my self.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Summer vacation Part 2

From the point of view of "Swords Anonymous" ha ha the first step is to acknowledge you have a problem.
OK back to the New York City Trip.
We stayed at the Hilton in the middle of all the City action very cool the lobby was like something out of the UN or something, being from Washington DC I have heard many conversations in languages I do not know but here I think I heard 15 different ones in about 1 minute It was a great experience and reminds me I need to learn at least one language that's not English (you could argue I don't know English but..)

Metropolitan Museum of Art Yes the old swords and armor where extremely cool even if it is assumed you know what most of this stuff is not really any history or explanations manly dates and who donated it. I found the Greek and Roman sculpture unbelievable how detailed it all was makes you think how long this skill was lost if it took until the Renaissance for it to be "rediscovered". You could easily spend many days here and I will be returning soon I hope.

The Natural History Museum Many Dioramas. I have been to the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History more times than I can count there really is no comparison except the one in DC is free and way smaller. The Smithsonian has really been trying to get away from the dusty dioramas but to be fair the dioramas in NY are very well done and quite engaging.

The Mythic Creatures well what can I say it was only $7 more than the entrance cost we could have skipped it the Frog thing looked more interesting.

Monday, August 13, 2007

What we did on our summer vacation

So, when everyone deserts Dodge, where do we go. To the center of the universe of American culture--New York--to appreciate some of the world's culture, done up 'Merican-style.

I, being Jean, had a list. A list of fun things to do. My children were not impressed. In fact, I think one of them thought it was embarrassing. But I was prepared. Addresses, cross streets, URLs--and maps.

On my must-see list were the 1) Metropolitan Museum of Art--sold as 'go see the swords'--see previous post. 2)The Natural History Museum--to see what we could see. 3) Kinokuniya Bookstore. 4)John's Pizzeria--scoped out on a previous work visit. and 5) Midtown comics. The rest would be winged, wung?

So yes 1--awesome, of course, some grousing; 2)awesome but Mythical Creatures exhibit was, eh?; 3) must-see; 4) good enough for 2 visits and 5)exactly as expected. But of course, the happenstance things were some of the best. Sean in heaven with the Halal stands everywhere, and their cousin Mister Softee stands. Getting some last-minute obstructed views to Spamalot at not-crazy prices (my son did point out that it was roughly the price of Disney World--ever the analyst).

Except for one Starbucks fix on the last morning, we avoided things we could do at home. And my very hard to impress son even admitted to having a good time at Spamalot. Weirdest overheard conversation tidbits:

"Your nipples look so small!!!" -- said as a compliment
"I don't think I understood it, I guess I should have watched the movie"--who pays Broadway ticket prices for a show they know nothing about?

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Swords Anonymous

The sad truth is that when you Google "Swords Anonymous", you find that there is no such organization.

There should be.

That is all.