Friday, July 27, 2007

Harry Potter and the Infinite Sadness

I had some fun last Friday reliving good old bookselling days at Olsson's Courthouse location in Arlington, VA. It was great to see former colleagues, former customer/friends and a heck of a lot of excited people. Excited people excited about a book. Nothing better---anyone who attended or worked it got a bit of a contact high with all the excellent book nerdage. Long live fantasy, long live imagination, long live getting lost in a shared cultural experience.

It was even fun letting the occasional drunk but Harry-jonesing young people come in to buy a book after we had turned the key.

After barrelling through the book by Sunday morning, I relaxed, savored for a few days and then moved on. Something about reading an excellent book inspires you to find an equally enthralling book. I picked up an advanced copy of 'Redemption Falls' by Joseph O'Connor. He wrote one of favorite books--'Star of the Sea'. Find that book, buy that book, read that book.

And I end this little post with one thought that crept in quite naughtily. Picture this: Animated series about the adventures of little Teddy Lupin and all of his super-friends at Hogwarts. It will be better than the Animaniacs. Come on! Wouldn't that ruin it all quite brilliantly. They can do little paperback picture books with horrible dialog based on the tv show?

Friday, July 13, 2007

Eastwood Rocket

I got this a couple of days ago played it on my small fender practice amp and loved the sound I had to dig out my much bigger Peavey VT Classic 4 x 10 amp so I could really get a feel for it and of course it blew up. It was my fault when moving it I bashed the back and smashed the fuse holder and it shorted out on the back and I had to get it fixed. I found this great place near by Professional Technical Service (ProTech) in Maryland they fixed it in 4 days and oh man this is one sweet sounding gutiar.