Friday, November 16, 2007

Book Contract

On my 40th Birthday Jean shows up to meet me for lunch as she was "working" from home that day (just kidding she really does more work from home than I probably do all week) we went to The Sweetwater Tavern all the tables where full as it always is at lunch time so we went to the bar and jean pulls out a book contract for a proposal we had submitted a few weeks back and says "happy birthday". It was a great feeling to have a book deal (now I need to finish it). I do have to say it was an odd feeling sitting at a bar surrounded by professional looking business types reviewing the contract and even weirder was having my boss sign it as a witness.

So what is is about you say well .... I will put more on here about that later. Closer to it being in print. It was a spur of the moment type of thing an idea I had and Jean ran with it from idea to contract in about a month. You may also be saying judging from the writing on here HOW DID YOU GET A BOOK DEAL! I really don't know they just liked the idea I guess and Jean who is a way better writer than me put the proposal together. Oh yea she is co-writing it maybe that's why.

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