Monday, September 10, 2007

A weekend visit to faire-y land

The Renaissance Faire's of the world (if extrapolated from the one in Crownesville, Maryland) are now inhabited by a world widened by fantasy gamers (which rather circularly are inhabited by the frequenters of Renaissance faires). The WOWs, the GuildWars, the Everquests have all added a sense of detachment from actual historical/ geographical descriptors and in stead have been liberalized to include fox tails for the young ladies, cutaway haremesque clothing and melanges of weaponry by the male types. More fun for all.

I, however, am a visitor to these realms--the observer. I'm more likely to read a book about these non-periods, watch a movie of the 'blood & mud' genre or be amused and impressed by my children's gaming. And Sean does look good in a kilt.

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